Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks KJ!

Kevin Jarrett passed along this great tool for putting together a quick video --This one is to get some of the 8th grade kids interested in the Tech Club! ANIMOTO is an awesome tool! Perfect for 'puter phobics!


A picture says a thousand words?

Is that an inappropriate sentiment for a blog ?!?!!?

Thanks to all who are with me along the way.

What an exciting time to be an educator! VOTE HERE!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saturday, November 03, 2007

An Entrepreneur is Born...

OK - I am logged into Ramapo trying my hand at Flexi PRIMS - working quietly over on Airmont Island and I get this IM:

[13:19] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Hi ms Shehe! Im making a fortune! I made 30 L by making products! I put a jetpack script in two slippers!
[13:20] Chaser Brody: WHOOT! THAT'S TERRIFIC!
[13:20] Chaser Brody: come and show me OK? May I TP you?
[13:20] Bokontor SMSTrekker: one sec, Im in the middle of a sale right now!
[13:20] Chaser Brody: LOL OK
[13:24] Bokontor SMSTrekker: ok, im done
[13:24] Bokontor SMSTrekker: can you tp me?
[13:24] Chaser Brody: Ready for a tp?
[13:24] Bokontor SMSTrekker: yup
[13:25] Chaser Brody: May I take a pic for the blog?
[13:25] Bokontor SMSTrekker: ok
(Bokontor then passes me a free pair of the slippers!)
[13:26] Chaser Brody: Wow! thank you - I will still pay you!
[13:26] Bokontor SMSTrekker: thank you so much!\
[13:27] Bokontor SMSTrekker: I made more things!
[13:27] Bokontor SMSTrekker: want to see them?
[13:27] Bokontor SMSTrekker: ok
[13:27] Chaser Brody: So - How did you get people to know about your product?
[13:28] Bokontor SMSTrekker: It was pretty easy, I just found and avatar, and offered!
[13:29] Chaser Brody: Was there anyone who tried to negotiate a lower price?
[13:30] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Well, yes, I did have someone have 5L$ instead of my normal price, 10L$, so I didnt refuse! 5L$ is better than nothing right?
[13:30] Chaser Brody: that's right
[13:30] Chaser Brody: it is a good beginning
[13:30] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Yeah
[13:30] Chaser Brody: Now what are your plans for the future?
[13:31] Bokontor SMSTrekker: I plan to know about more scripts, and keep creating things, better and better!
[13:31] Bokontor SMSTrekker: But I am not working alone!
[13:32] Chaser Brody: Tell me about it please..
[13:32] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Zelian SMSVoyager, came up with all of the ideas
[13:32] Chaser Brody: Ahhh so you are collaborating?
[13:32] Bokontor SMSTrekker: I make and sell them
[13:32] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Yes!
[13:32] Chaser Brody: Very cool
[13:33] Chaser Brody: Well keep up the great work and let me know about any other creations you have for sale
[13:33] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Oh, I have pleanty for sale right now!
[13:33] Bokontor SMSTrekker: and thank you!
[13:33] Chaser Brody: Remember to keep them original and perhaps you may want to open a small shop and advertise
[13:34] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Good idea! I will work towards that!
[13:34] Chaser Brody: remember you can make a sign on the Ramapo Work and Play Area that will TP residents to your shop in the air!
[13:34] Chaser Brody: Think of a good name and a slogan
[13:34] Bokontor SMSTrekker: that is awesome! thank you!
[13:34] Chaser Brody: Your welcome
[13:35] Chaser Brody: Have fun!
[13:35] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Hmmmm.....I'll get on the slogan! I have a name already
[13:35] Chaser Brody: Want to share ?
[13:35] Chaser Brody: What is the name?
[13:35] Bokontor SMSTrekker: The name is (G-H) The letters stand for our last names
[13:36] Chaser Brody: OK
[13:36] Chaser Brody: So think of a catchy slogan - look at successful marketing in the real world
[13:36] Chaser Brody: NIKE = "Just Do IT" etc.
[13:36] Chaser Brody: I will post this in the blog now
[13:36] Bokontor SMSTrekker: Ok! Thank you for your support!
[13:36] Chaser Brody: People will get a real kick out of it
[13:37] Chaser Brody: and by the time you are ready for the Main Grid you will be an established business!
[13:37] Chaser Brody: Bye now! I'm back to trying to make this flag flexi
[13:38] Bokontor SMSTrekker: ok bye!

How cool is this? I got Bokontor to come over to me for a photo opportunity :