Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2nd Email Pre-planning Literature Investigations on Ramapo Islands

Before i even had a chance to set up a RL appointment to meet with this teacher, she has started to envision her SL experience: :-)

"Hi Peg!
Here are few things I'd like in 2nd Life:
* Something for vocabulary (There are a ton of vocabulary words the kids will need to look up or post--not sure how this could look)
* Something about the authors
* Time period the book was written
* Reviews/articles relating to the book
* Separate rooms for each book (or author since I have three H.G. Wells tittles)

More to come I'm sure...I just wanted to get some thoughts on paper for us!

OK - Educators! Please send comments, ideas, suggestions curriculum. My gut feeling is that role playing may provide answers to needs for this unit - also some retelling, reflection, and of course discussion. SLURLS will be helpful- perhaps in the library on Ramapo Islands - hmmmm

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