Monday, December 10, 2007

With gratitude and promise...

Ramapo Islands was a dream that started as just a "tip of a thought" when my daughter, Meghan, hounded me to enter Second Life to take a look around. After all, she was a Linden Lab Liaison at the time - and she was so excited about this emerging Metaverse. I thought I had no time for a "Second Life" but succumbed, and seeing this new frontier through the eyes of a teacher - I was startled, and intrigued. After a very short time, I became determined to bring my students in world to be a part of it.

However, all of the determination in the universe was not going to make this happen without the support of a visionary administration, a community of believers in world, a solid staff of volunteers, and ultimately, a teacher who said yes. My teachers did say yes. Some said it tentatively; "I don't understand it, but I believe it is important for my students," while others were eager and excited; “I don't care how deep the water is--I know how to swim!"

It was never going to happen without the help of people like Fred Fuchs of Firesabre Consulting who spearheaded the volunteer effort, and Barry Joseph of Global Kids, ushering the way - sharing hope and experience... All of you who wrote, or visited, or spoke to me at a conference and cheered us on -- All of you who spread the word, and most importantly all of you who followed soon after - validating the work and extending the horizon. All of you share this award.

When I first began my "crusade", shamelessly soliciting your help and your talent and energy, I used the worn out adage, "It takes a village." I am a dreamer - a visionary if you will--but first and foremost, I am a teacher. So perhaps the old adage is still true, and those who object to its overuse may perhaps digest its latest incarnation a bit more easily. With that, I respectfully submit, "It takes a Metaverse."

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