Thursday, January 10, 2008

Foreign Language Island


Anonymous said...


I am extremely interested in exploring virtual environments like Second Life to motivate my 7th and 8th grade foreign language students. I am currently finishing up my master's in Integrating Technology in the curriculum, and would like to stay in touch with you (and your other colleagues) who seem to be successfully implementing Second Life into the curriculum.

I am curious to find out how well the Italian classes do with their virtual environment. I would like to introduce Geneva Middle School to similar projects.

Berni Kairys

Ibu Coutas said...

I'm just about to run some workshops on SL for languages teachers... and it's the Italian teachers who are most interested in getting involved!!

I too would love to stay in touch about your SL projects - and would really appreciate any SLURLs you can give, particularly for teens to check out in TeenSL (because I can't go explore it myself!!)