Monday, July 24, 2006

My Favorite SOAPBOX :-)

Monday AM, and I realize I have until Thursday to make some real progress on these islands. Then I leave for Europe until August 15, and athough I will be in London for the first five days and will probably have connection, after that it is off to Kerry, and a rather remote cottage outside of Tralee! I have posted a classified ad in SL asking for donations of time and resources (please come and build!!) and I am hoping that the hearts and minds of those who believe in Real Life Education in Second Life will be swayed to lend a hand! I have the general plan figured out but I am certainly not locked into anything so if you have a dream that you've always wanted to build, and you feel it is something that would be inspirational for 8th grade students - please contact me and we'll go from there! I am touting this not only as a great opportunity for all of you designers to "stretch" but also as a contribution to the future! ( *fully launched on favorite soapbox *) Think about your time as a student in 8th grade - do you really want to condemn yet another generation to the "what I did on my summer vacation report" mentality of education? Help me to take the leap - one small step for SL, one giant leap for education! *exhales*

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