Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Access denied...Access denied..Cyn Linden to the rescue! It seems we have worked out the access issues and anyone who is a member of the group, Ramapo Volunteers, has access to the islands. One of the problems we are now facing is that very often the wonderful creative geniuses in SL who have donated free copies of their work to such illustrious areas as "Yadni's Junkyard" etc., (or any freebie hub) have profiles that are slightly, umm, shall we say, interesting? Although profiles are supposed to be kept "PG" many have included pics and links to mature content. This is a potential problem for us once the kids are in. Although they will not be able to TP or venture in any way off the three islands - they still can do some right click education that may fall into the "unacceptable for middle school" category. Anyone know a fix for this? Anyway to block designer profile in the edit object? Anyway to transfer the item and lose the original creator info?
I will be on as often as possible in the next three weeks however Big Ben and the fairies of Tralee may kidnap my senses till August 15th!

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