Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tralee! Heaven! No high speed access - well you know the withdrawel symptoms - but I have found that large doses of banafee ( do alleviate the shaking and sweats!
Logged in for the first time yesterday -and - you guessed it, UPDATES! I was however able to catch up briefly with two of Ramapo Volunteer's finest, Kayla Khan and Stephen Nephilim. Kayla has finished placing an awesome castle (created by Itsmee Zender) on Suffern Island! Stephen had the foresight to illuminate the fact that creator's profiles are visible when right-clicked and that some may be unsuitable for Middle School viewers. We are still looking for a sure fix to that issue. If you do choose to participate in this project please do be sure to ieep your profile "PG" as LL requests.
In the mean time thank you Itsmee, Kayla, and Stephen for breaking ground. Keep up the great work! Again, anyone wishing to volunteer and build on the islands join Ramapo Volunteers. Once I am home (August 15) I will be much more available to offer guidance and direct our efforts. Please email with your ideas and suggestions. Also, let me know if you will be at SLCC and we can get together!

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