Saturday, August 19, 2006

SLCC 2006

Arrived at SLCC last night - nothing like it! The Lindens are wonderful and welcoming and the residents are colorful, and the laughter contagious! Opening night was a mass of greetings, with many folks meeting in RL for the first time. This is a really curious phenomenon to observe as avatars unveil their RL identity to others they have “known” for years.
Everyone I spoke with last night had something to contribute to Ramapo Islands and I am really encouraged by the brilliance and generosity of the SL community! I am generating a list of resources and residents who have offered assistance.
I also found out that a new version will address the problem of the access to creator profiles from a right click on objects so that my students will not be exposed to anything of a mature nature. This had really been perplexing me since the last thing I wanted to do was respond to a resident’s offer of a donation with a request to alter their profile first!
Thanks to the musicians last night who were amazing!

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