Friday, May 11, 2007

A little visitor, and a big lesson....

During our class presentaions the other day, the windows in the library were open, as warm weather has finally arrived in Suffern. During our work, a pigeon landed on the window sill, and proceeded to step down onto the computer tables and stroll across the keyboards. Naturally, the kids were initially distracted by the arrival and entrance of our fine feathered friend. But the lesson is - the first thing they did - ON AUTO PILOT- was whip out their cell phones (which they are supposed to keep in their lockers) and start photographing the event! So here's my question: When are we, as educators, going to harness this technology instead of banning it? Teachable moment? Yes, especially for us, the teachers!

PS: We had some good laughs coming up with a caption for the pic of the pigeon on the keyboard. My favorite was "Pigital Native"!

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ipenda keynes said...

Great question! I've seen student projects submitted on YouTube, Google Images used for pictures of Presidents, historical moments, etc, and "Dance Dance Revolution" used in Phys-Ed class.
Yet, in my school district, all of these things are filtered, blocked, or banned. I guess until one of us (The teachers) demonstrates their use educationally, they can only see the negative.