Tuesday, May 08, 2007


OK - First of all I now realize that I need to create a different blog section for each project as we now have three different teachers using Ramapo simultaneously and there is just so much to tell! I have asked each of the teachers to write an entry about their experiences using SL and I will post them ASAP. For now I want to talk about Ms. Ivey's class project as it is concluding this week and the results have been astounding! (Please read prior "Ms. Ivey's Class" posts for background.) To catch you up, after discussions in the classroom platforms, the kids were asked to create presentations. They were allowed to use either OS (mac or pc), so they either created the presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote applications. They then saved their slides as JPGs and uploaded them to SL. One person in each group retrieved a FreeView TV from a dispenser in the library, and they were in charge of loading the slides into the viewer. The students created notecards on which the script of their presentations were pre-written. The presentors all sat on the stage in the auditorium and the rest of the class filed into the seats. As each presenters slide came up on the screen, they walked to the podium and entered their notes into the chat. At teh conclusion of each presentation there was a brief Q&A session. Here are some pics of the first groups to present:

Here is the group notice that Ms. Ivey sent out when we were ready to begin presentations:
Group Notice From: Ivey Zeami

All avatars:
Please report to the library for the first presentation. Follow these steps:
1. Get to the library (on Ramapo)
2. Go through curtain
3. Have a seat
4. Refrain from talking or moving or contributing to the chat during presentation as I want to have a clean log for each group
5. Watch the slide show and read the chat from each presenter
6. Be prepard to ask questions at the end
7. Thank you for cooperating!

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