Monday, September 24, 2007


OK OK - I know I brag about these kids a lot--but thise is what one of my students (ehehem--a GIRL) did last night from home:

Today the kids in Whiting's classes were pretty amazing - they have managed to change their appearance pretty authentically, create and deliver a note-card, join a group, all the while whale riding and driving all over the sims! There was a lot of peer mentoring and collaboration but most of it took place in the real world - not in SL. They still don't have the "in world communication only" thing down yet. Many of the students told me they have logged in from home (a lot more than last year) and as I mentioned earlier in the past, most of them have already experimented with the building tools. My hunch is that this year's class had a much greater senses of anticipation since they watched the 8th grade class last year and drooled....

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DrC said...

What a great first week you had! *grins* I'll be back on Ramapo later this week. My class finished their robotics projects and I presented at the CHECO conference the past Wednesday with 11 slides about Ramapo.

Let me know if you need anything! *waves*
Cynthia Calongne
Ryl Redgrave and Lyr Lobo