Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Need More EVIDENCE ? ? ?

If you are having your doubts about the level of engagement and investment our students experience while working in SL check out this chat:
[10:40] You: ARe you home?
[10:40] Atami SMSJourneyer: yeah i stayed home sick today
[10:41] Atami SMSJourneyer: wat time does 8th period start
[10:41] You: How cool is it that you're able to attend class form home?!
[10:41] You: Are you feeling better?
[10:41] You: We start in 10 minutes
[10:41] Atami SMSJourneyer: a little. i will b in skool 2morrow, though
[10:42] Atami SMSJourneyer: ok, i'll come back cuz i was working on my house
[10:43] You: Right. Thanks for coming to SL today!
[10:43] Atami SMSJourneyer: ur welcome
[10:43] You: I'll be back in about 5 minutes. Do you remember your pod from yesterday?
[10:43] Atami SMSJourneyer: i g2g work on my house. i'll b back 4 class
[10:43] Atami SMSJourneyer: i'm on blue
[10:43] Atami SMSJourneyer: i remember

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ipenda keynes said...

That's great! It definitely shows you that they enjoy this "project" and have thought about the fact that education and Second Life are not confined to the school's brick walls.