Friday, February 09, 2007

Trial - Closing Arguments and Jury Deliberation

Judge Tannebaum Hillburn presides over Trial

PA + Prosecuting Atorney DA= District Attorney All other roles are stated as Judge, Juror, etc.
Official Court Transcript:
[5:24] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: will the prosecuting attorney please start your closing statement.
[5:25] Chaser Brody is Online
[5:27] Glassman Hillburn is Online
[5:28] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: will the prosecuting attorney please start your closing statement.
[5:28] PA: If you ask me, i belive that George is guilty of killing Lennie Small in cold blood. He killed his best friend without any provoction or warning in an execution style- shot to the head. George is guilty of first degree murder and should go to jail for longer then the Da says which is 2 years. There is no such thing as killing a man out of love and George is a murderer.
[5:28] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: will the defense attorney please give your closing statement.
[5:28] Chowdhury Hillburn: "N, Lennie. I ain't mad. I never been mad an' i ain't now. That's a thing i want ya to know". These are the words of Geeorge Milton, which were said to make sure that Lennie knew that Geoge loved him, no matter what he got both of them into. From this your honor, and people of the jury, i would like you to know that George is not a bad person and that he loves Lennie very much and only killed him to give him a happier ending to his life due to curley's intentions. So, in conclusion your honor and people of the jury, do you find it is fair and appropriate to send a good, sympathetic, well rounded man to jail for more than two years, because he was only guilty of giving a friend a better ending to his existence and giving nothing but love and keeping him far away from any harm for years? I certainly know that it is wrong to send George to jail for more than two years for not even going to an extremist position, which he could have done but due to being a kind hearted person he didn't do a cruel thing like that.
[5:28] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA:that is ll your honor , thank you
[5:33] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: ladies and gentlemen of the jury it is now time for you to convene and determine a verdict...
[5:33] Jonathan Hillburn: judge: please be sure to base your decision on the evidence presented and any questions that you have can be answered by referring to the court transcript
[5:35] Rodriguez Hillburn: juror:well i think the Defense attorney had the better of us in the closing statement but George is still guilty
[5:35] Chinkan Hillburn: jury: i think he sould go for 2 years
[5:35] Tuchman Hillburn: George is definately guily-- we dont know what really happened but what I do know is normally you do not kill a man out of love no matter what, no one should be able to take someone's life and get away with it especially admittedly. George is guilty
Juror:Look we do not know what really happened in these people lves. But what I do know is you do not take somones life out of love no matter what! We are not immortal and we should not be let free of murder especially admittedly! GEORGE IS GUILTY
[5:35] Penny Hillburn: jurer: I beleive that George is not guilty, i believe from what the DA said about being it out of love is true
[5:36] Tuchman Hillburn: Penny you dont kill a man out of love that doesnt happen
[5:36] Penny Hillburn: from what ive heard i do not think he did it out of hatred
[5:37] Tuchman Hillburn: Juror:the defense attorney even thinks that he is guilty so how am I to believe he is not!
[5:37] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: i feel that you just cant take a mans life so i feel that lennies sentence is 15 years in jail
[5:37] Penny Hillburn: jurer: she never said that
[5:37] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:I agree maginello
[5:37] Tuchman Hillburn: 15 years in jail is a good term
[5:37] Rodriguez Hillburn: in the trial george said he used curleys gun to kill Lennie, so he attempted both murder and stealing.
[5:37] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:EXACTLY!
[5:38] Penny Hillburn: thats way too long. dont you think he's already done sort of a sentence with having to deal with lennie most of his life. george said they were like brothers
[5:38] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:you do not kill a man out of love! thats it! we are not God we do not have the right to do that! the DA is wrong and I think confused! george is guilty!
[5:39] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: george should go to jail for 15 years
[5:39] Chinkan Hillburn: he sould go for 2 years beceuse he killed him out of love and curly would have killed him worse
[5:39] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:15 years
[5:39] Penny Hillburn: jurer: yeah but george felt it would be better instead of lennie being tortured.
[5:39] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: yes
[5:40] Rodriguez Hillburn: juror: "he is guilty of killing Lennie" That was said by the Defense attoney at 5:22
[5:40] Tuchman Hillburn: "I killed Lenny" once you kill a man and admit it your guilty
[5:40] Tuchman Hillburn: 15 years final agreed?
[5:40] Penny Hillburn: jurer: less
[5:41] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: i also say 15 years
[5:41] Penny Hillburn: if we all agree he should go to jail from what the DA said that changed my mindd. i think he should do some time but not 15 years
[5:41] Chinkan Hillburn: he is gulity of killing lennie for love
[5:41] Penny Hillburn: yes
[5:42] Tuchman Hillburn: The DA is confused and is not right she also doesnt know exactly what happened penny and chinkan you dont kill a man out of love majority wins 15 years
[5:42] Penny Hillburn: jurer: i think he shuold do some time now, because he did take someones life but i think he ment well and that he relaly loved lennie and i dont think he should do 15 years
[5:42] Rodriguez Hillburn: In the George trial the defense attorney changed her plea."I would like to change it to that george Milton is guilty but should go to jail fo two years" It was like she gave up on her opinion
[5:42] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:well majority wins
[5:42] Chinkan Hillburn: he sould go fo 2 year ONLY!!!!!
[5:43] Rodriguez Hillburn: He should do time
[5:43] Tuchman Hillburn: okay okay SAY "I" FOR 15 YEARS
[5:43] Rodriguez Hillburn: 3-5years
[5:43] Anaya Hillburn: no
[5:43] Chinkan Hillburn: FOR 2 YEARS!!!!
[5:43] Manganiello Hillburn: juor: you have to sink very low to kill someone
[5:44] Tuchman Hillburn: yes maginello
[5:44] Penny Hillburn: jurer: less than 15 years. i think more then 15 years its not fair. i think that 10 years would be fair.because i think it was out of love but that doesnt matter when you take someones life
[5:44] Chinkan Hillburn: 3-5 years is fine
[5:44] Tuchman Hillburn: okay penny 14.5 years
[5:44] Penny Hillburn: no
[5:44] Rodriguez Hillburn: 7years tops
[5:44] Tuchman Hillburn: 10 years
[5:44] Penny Hillburn: 10
[5:44] Chinkan Hillburn: 3-5 years
[5:44] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: NO 15 years
[5:44] Rodriguez Hillburn: 10 years

[5:45] Penny Hillburn: ok
[5:45] Rodriguez Hillburn: why 15
[5:45] Penny Hillburn: thats too long.he really did love lennie
[5:45] Penny Hillburn: but he still killed him.
[5:45] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: fine 10 years u happy
[5:45] Penny Hillburn: ok. so we all agree on George goes to jail for 10 years
[5:45] Tuchman Hillburn: Judge: ready to read your verdict?
[5:45] Rodriguez Hillburn: juror:yeah were READY
[5:46] Tuchman Hillburn: The lead juror is ready to read our verdict
[5:47] Tuchman Hillburn: juror:we the jury think George Milton should serve a term of 15 years in jail
[5:47] Tuchman Hillburn: 10 years*
[5:47] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: milton
[5:47] Jonathan Hillburn: judge: george miltion is sentenced to 15 years in prison
[5:47] Jonathan Hillburn: 10 years***
[5:48] Manganiello Hillburn: juror: amen
[5:48] Tuchman Hillburn: to that
[5:49] Tuchman Hillburn: dan won
[5:49] Manganiello Hillburn: juror:NO
[5:50] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: court is adjourned

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