Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trial ~ Day 3

Our day began with the News Reporters giving their summary of yesterday's proceedings. (Of course the jurors were sequested during the new report!). Then day 3 began with the Judge calling the court to order and the DA calling up a new witness. Cross examination was scathing! Jurors needed to be reminded to stay alert (move now and then to avoid the "away" display *smiles*)
Some students were experimenting with the built in movie tools and others were taking snapshots. Court reporters have taken chat logs and delivered them to Ms. McGrath. A copy of one transcript from todays proceedings is below:

[5:26] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: court is in session. Attorneys please bring up your witnesses
[5:26] Manganiello Hillburn is Online
[5:26] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: your honor i would like to call SLIM
[5:26] Jonathan Hillburn: judge: slim please come up to the bench
[5:28] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA:my first question is what happened in Weed according to what George told you that one day?
[5:30] Feeley Hillburn: slim:well in weed george told me that lennie felt the material of the womens dress and riped it so they had to run away
[5:30] Castaneda Hillburn is Online
[5:31] Chowdhury Hillburn:DA: After what happened in Weed do you think you would have left Lennie after that inccident
[5:32] Feeley Hillburn:slim: no i probaly would not have left him
[5:32] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: How do you think George had felt after killing his Best friend, Lennie?
[5:33] Feeley Hillburn: slim:he had felt very bad about that
[5:33] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: can you explain in detail
5:35] Rodriguez Hillburn is Online
[5:35] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: juror tuchman please stay seated
[5:35] Feeley Hillburn: slim: he had told me that he should not have killed him but he said that if he didnt kill him than carlson would of make it worst by tourtureing him until he dies
[5:35] Jonathan Hillburn: judge:STay DOWN0
[5:35] Jonathan Hillburn:judge: order in the court
[5:36] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: Why do you think the main reason was that George had killed Lennie?
[5:36] Feeley Hillburn:slim: to save him from an even painful death
[5:37] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: Do you hink what George had said was wrong or was it right? if it was right please explain why and if it was wrong please stay silent after saying n.?
[5:38] Wodwoo Hillburn is Online
[5:39] Feeley Hillburn: slim: i think he was right because carlson wanted to kill lennie because lennie killed his wife
[5:39] Jonathan Hillburn: judge: can you be more secific george
[5:39] Feeley Hillburn:Slim: curly sorry
[5:39] Jonathan Hillburn: judge:slim
[5:40] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: what kind of relationship do you think George had with Lennie
[5:41] Feeley Hillburn: slim: well when they came george looked like they were pals but lennie didnt talk much and george was talking for him
[5:42] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: explain in detail please how much Geoorge love Lennie, please.

....[5:44] Feeley Hillburn: slim: ok george loved lennie a whole lot and i know we all miss him probaly not curley but the one who misses him the most is george because george had him for like his life
[5:44] Chowdhury Hillburn: DA: that is all your honor, thank you
[5:44] Jonathan Hillburn: Judge: prosecutor attorney please come to the stand for your witness
5:46] Feeley Hillburn: slim: no i have never, george was very kind to lennie
[5:46] Wodwoo Hillburn: PA;how well did george and lennie work togther?
[5:47] Feeley Hillburn: slim: they were very good workers and lennie was buking barley fast and george helped out a lot
[5:47] Wodwoo Hillburn: PA:were yiu there when lennie fought curly
[5:47] Wodwoo Hillburn: PA:were yiu there when lennie fought curly
[5:48] Feeley Hillburn: slim: yes i was there lennie broke curley's hand
[5:49] Wodwoo Hillburn: PA:how did george act while lennie broke curlys hand?
[5:51] Glassman Hillburn is Offline
[5:51] Jonathan Hillburn: judge:sit down tuchman
[5:51] Feeley Hillburn: slim: george was trying to stop lennie but he finally told him to stand up for yourself and lennie did and then george got scared and told lennie to stop
got scared and told lennie to stop
[5:51] Wodwoo Hillburn: pa; what were you doing when lennie killed Curlys wife
[5:52] Jonathan Hillburn: judge: court is adjourned for today

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