Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Images and examples of daily discussion....

Here is an example notecard sent to the teacher of the day's chat for the group reading The Invisible Man:
[6:56] Platform-Three whispers: Platform-Three now ascending.
[6:56] Consiglio Hillburn: yea
[6:57] You: sweetness were going up
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: hi
[6:57] Brain Hillburn: i have to tell the truth
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: what
[6:57] Brain Hillburn: i hate this book
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: it's difficult
[6:57] You: i think its getting better
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: but the story itself is interesting.
[6:57] You: it is hard to understand
[6:57] Consiglio Hillburn: i dont rly like the book that muchh......it dosent seem like evrything came together yett
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[6:57] You: i think it will soon
[6:57] Harrison Hillburn: but once you comprehend it's really good
[6:58] You: but right now its kinda like a mish mosh of information
[6:58] Brain Hillburn: we found out he is really bad though
[6:58] Consiglio Hillburn: some of it i had to read over and over bc i didnt get it the first time
[6:58] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[6:58] You: same here
[6:58] Brain Hillburn: its hard to understand
[6:58] Harrison Hillburn: so can you believe people know he's actually invisible?
[6:58] Consiglio Hillburn: yea the words are like in a weird order i feel likee
[6:58] You: i dont understand why he showed everyone in the town that hes invisible
[6:58] Consiglio Hillburn: yea mine either
[6:59] Stern Hillburn: i thought chaeapter 7 was the most interesting
[6:59] You: i think it woulda been a better idea if he left the town without making a whole big scene
[6:59] Harrison Hillburn: yeah if he was trying to hide his identity why would he let other k now?
[6:59] Stern Hillburn: chapter
[6:59] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[6:59] You: me too
[6:59] Brain Hillburn: how come chapter 7
[6:59] You: it had so much action going on
[6:59] Brain Hillburn: yea
[6:59] Consiglio Hillburn: well it dosent rly matter cuz since hes invisable they wont always know hes there anyway
[6:59] Stern Hillburn: when the invisible man took off his clothes and started stealing
[7:00] Brain Hillburn: i thought he was commiting a crime
[7:00] Consiglio Hillburn: yea
[7:00] Stern Hillburn: and he was messing with other people
[7:00] Consiglio Hillburn: yea ehell probably end up a mass murderer
[7:00] Brain Hillburn: sre
[7:00] Harrison Hillburn: i thought it was weird that he left so much eidence behind
[7:00] Brain Hillburn: yea
[7:00] You: yeah
[7:00] Brain Hillburn: sure
[7:00] Consiglio Hillburn: he takes advantage of being invisable
[7:00] Brain Hillburn: sure
[7:00] You: i wonder why he waited so long to comitt his first crime
[7:00] Harrison Hillburn: same
[7:01] Consiglio Hillburn: probabky ......yea idk y he waitedd
[7:01] You: like it said he was there about a year
[7:01] Brain Hillburn: mabe he commited crimes in the town before and then came her to do it again
[7:01] Consiglio Hillburn: yea
[7:01] Stern Hillburn: he only brought the clothes he had on and then hall found them all over his room
[7:01] You: yeah so now he probably is going to move to a different town
[7:01] Consiglio Hillburn: yea well hes only rly
[7:01] Consiglio Hillburn: invisable w/o his clothess
[7:02] Harrison Hillburn: kerry can you explain what you just said?
[7:02] Harrison Hillburn: i don't recall that part
[7:02] Consiglio Hillburn: y7ea i didnt get that eitherr kerry
[7:02] Brain Hillburn: same3
[7:02] Harrison Hillburn: kerry?
[7:02] Harrison Hillburn: oh he is typing
[7:03] Stern Hillburn: when he took all his clothes off to go steal and create chaos
[7:03] You: yeah
[7:03] You: i remember that
[7:03] Harrison Hillburn: oh yeah
[7:03] Harrison Hillburn: so
[7:04] Consiglio Hillburn: sry im teleporting amy to our pod
[7:04] You: is she also reading our book?
[7:04] Consiglio Hillburn: ms sheehey told me to tho
[7:04] You: oh
[7:04] Harrison Hillburn: then we need to catch her up
[7:04] Brain Hillburn: k
[7:04] Harrison Hillburn: amy
[7:04] Harrison Hillburn: sit
[7:04] Brain Hillburn: dont fall
[7:04] You: so do u think the stranger is going to go to a different town now?
[7:04] Harrison Hillburn: yes
[7:04] Brain Hillburn: yeq
[7:04] Harrison Hillburn: he is going to migrate
[7:04] Consiglio Hillburn: probably
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: yea
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: when he is down her he will just move on
[7:05] You: birds migrate taylor
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: wow
[7:05] Harrison Hillburn: maybe.. he IS a bird
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: no
[7:05] You: hahaha
[7:05] Harrison Hillburn: but anyway
[7:05] Harrison Hillburn: amy..
[7:05] Consiglio Hillburn: if he stays in one place they can eventualy catch him so hes kinda smart
[7:05] Harrison Hillburn: did you read anything yet?
[7:05] You: so why do u think he is invisible in the first place
[7:05] Wright Hillburn: no
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: because of the poisons be brought
[7:05] Brain Hillburn: just kidding
[7:06] Harrison Hillburn: i don't know how he became invisible but it can be used to his advantage when trying to commit a crime
[7:06] Consiglio Hillburn: idk maybe he did some science experiment or smthng to himselff
[7:06] Brain Hillburn: possibility
[7:06] You: so u think the poison makes him invisible
[7:06] Harrison Hillburn: i'm not sure
[7:06] Consiglio Hillburn: or maybe he was just born that wayy
[7:06] Brain Hillburn: mabe
[7:06] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[7:06] Brain Hillburn: it could happen
[7:06] Consiglio Hillburn: wich would be SO weirdd
[7:06] You: thats probably why he keeps on testing things
[7:06] You: to c if he can make any other cool things happen
[7:06] Harrison Hillburn: i wonder what he's going to use the poisen for
[7:06] Brain Hillburn: i could do saome crazy things with 1001 bottles of poison
[7:07] You: yeah
[7:07] Consiglio Hillburn: haha yeaa he'll definatly end up using themm
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: is he out to get something specific?
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: or
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: is he just going out to make trouble
[7:07] Consiglio Hillburn: he probably wants revenge
[7:07] You: just in general a criminal
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: i don't understand
[7:07] Brain Hillburn: yea reveenge
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: but he never did anything to harm another person
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: only stealing
[7:07] You: so do u think him becoming invisible was a mistake
[7:07] Brain Hillburn: mabe hes poor
[7:07] Consiglio Hillburn: their are probably ppl he nvr liked and maybe he just wants them gone
[7:07] Harrison Hillburn: possibly
[7:08] Harrison Hillburn: but i don't think that's important know
[7:08] Harrison Hillburn: now*
[7:08] You: he is a very sspicious man
[7:08] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[7:08] Harrison Hillburn: that's basically the main idea
[7:08] Consiglio Hillburn: well there are so many possibiliess
[7:08] You: yup
[7:08] Consiglio Hillburn: of what he'll end up doingg
[7:08] Brain Hillburn: what do u think will happen in the future
[7:09] Consiglio Hillburn: hes gonna end up murdering alot of ppl....thats a safe inference i thinkk
[7:09] Stern Hillburn: he'll probobly move to another town do this again and then somehow get caught
[7:09] You: i think hes gonna steal more and just go to different places but keep on doing similar things
[7:09] You: and i think his experiments will come into play sometime soon
[7:09] Consiglio Hillburn: yea....do u think he'll ever get caught?
[7:09] Brain Hillburn: we said that he is moving to another town already
[7:09] Stern Hillburn: probobly
[7:09] Consiglio Hillburn: cus i mean he IS invisible
[7:09] Harrison Hillburn: well that would be a little boring
[7:10] Harrison Hillburn: i'm hoping something dramatic will happen
[7:10] Brain Hillburn: yeq
[7:10] Harrison Hillburn: like the turning point of the story
[7:10] Brain Hillburn: mabe he willll get caught
[7:10] You: do u think he wants to stay invisible or no
[7:10] Consiglio Hillburn: yea idk he moight end up just feeling so guilty and gving upp
[7:10] You: because ppl already are tracking him down
[7:10] Consiglio Hillburn: yea idk
[7:10] You: and catching on to his scheme
[7:10] Walmsley Hillburn shouts: okay, well
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: who wa investigating him
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: ?
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: finding out about him
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: ..
[7:11] You: so what kind of things were u thinking while reading... thats one of the questions we have to discuss
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: ok
[7:11] Consiglio Hillburn: ytea well alot of ppl already knoww
[7:11] Brain Hillburn: i was so confuse
[7:11] Brain Hillburn: confused
[7:11] Consiglio Hillburn: like that hes invisible
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: sarah
[7:11] Consiglio Hillburn: yea
[7:11] Harrison Hillburn: you need to be a little more specific
[7:12] Consiglio Hillburn: like what do u mean?
[7:12] Brain Hillburn: we know he is invisible by know
[7:12] Consiglio Hillburn: yeaaa
[7:12] Brain Hillburn: that is the tittle of the book
[7:12] Consiglio Hillburn: and so do alot of other ppl
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: ok
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: but
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: what i was thinking
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: was basically
[7:12] Consiglio Hillburn: in the book bc he showed the town
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: what has he done
[7:12] Harrison Hillburn: and what is he going to do
[7:13] Harrison Hillburn: and why did he let out his true identity
[7:13] Harrison Hillburn: ?
[7:13] You: hes robbed the place and showed a bunch of people that he is invisible
[7:13] Consiglio Hillburn: well hes obviously a criminal but what hes ging to do is such an open question
[7:13] You: but still the majority of the town doesnt believe it
[7:13] Consiglio Hillburn: true
[7:13] Harrison Hillburn: so do you think that means he will still get away with doing something bad?
[7:13] Consiglio Hillburn: if he keeps moving probablyy
[7:14] You: i think that because people already found out in another towen i think its all downhill from here for the invisible masn
[7:14] Brain Hillburn: yea
[7:14] Consiglio Hillburn: they wont find him
[7:14] Harrison Hillburn: will he continue to use the fact that he is invisible so he will further commit more crimes?
[7:14] Stern Hillburn: i dont think any one will belive that theres an invisible man
[7:14] Consiglio Hillburn: well some ppl will
[7:14] Stern Hillburn: but anyway how will they find out
[7:14] Consiglio Hillburn: well he could show them like he did the others
[7:15] Consiglio Hillburn: but then it would be hard for him to continue as a criminal and not get caughtt
[7:15] You: so in the new town do u think he will do anything different than the old one
[7:15] You: to be more concealed or something
[7:15] Consiglio Hillburn: his like crime might increase
[7:15] Consiglio Hillburn: like how bad they are
[7:15] Harrison Hillburn: if it's science fiction then that means it's going to be someone realistic, therefore i believe that someone will find out
[7:16] You: and he might try to stay way more unknown
[7:16] Consiglio Hillburn: not just stealing but killing and alot of more seriopus stuff
[7:16] You: good job taylor
[7:16] Harrison Hillburn: thank you!
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[7:16] Harrison Hillburn: somewgat*
[7:16] You: so what do we read up to tonight
[7:16] You: how about
[7:16] Harrison Hillburn: um
[7:16] Brain Hillburn: not far
[7:16] Harrison Hillburn: 11 pages a night
[7:16] Harrison Hillburn: so i think
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: read up to 62
[7:17] You: how bout page 62
[7:17] Consiglio Hillburn: k
[7:17] You: 56
[7:17] Brain Hillburn: 56
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: 56
[7:17] Brain Hillburn: 56
[7:17] Kenny Hillburn is Online
[7:17] You: read up to 56
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: did the people who got robbed tell anybody
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: ?
[7:17] Consiglio Hillburn: yea 56 is better
[7:17] You: much lol
[7:17] Consiglio Hillburn: id rly care
[7:17] Brain Hillburn: back to the boook
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: hello
[7:17] Harrison Hillburn: i asked a question
[7:17] Consiglio Hillburn: haha ok
[7:18] Brain Hillburn: i think so
[7:18] Harrison Hillburn: how does everyone know then
[7:18] You: yeah i think like rumor spread through out the town
[7:18] Harrison Hillburn: that's the part of the book i don't understand
[7:18] You: dont u find it weird that they spell realize like realise
[7:18] Harrison Hillburn: but the people who believe it... did they have any proof at all?
[7:18] Consiglio Hillburn: well once u tell some ppl its guaranteed to get aroundd
[7:18] You: they saw him take his clothes off and go invisible
[7:18] Harrison Hillburn: yes, i noticed that too!
[7:19] Harrison Hillburn: good observationh
[7:19] Brain Hillburn: i think it is a small town
[7:19] Stern Hillburn: they just thought someone robbed them
[7:19] Harrison Hillburn: observation
[7:19] Stern Hillburn: not that hes invisibe
[7:19] Consiglio Hillburn: yea but if the town is small everyone is closerr
[7:19] MargoF Hillburn is Online
[7:19] Consiglio Hillburn: and rumors spread more probablyy
[7:19] Harrison Hillburn: this whole mr.bunting person
[7:19] Harrison Hillburn: he was involved, correct?
[7:19] You: i think his house is the one that got robbed
[7:20] Consiglio Hillburn: yeaa but it could be a setup or smthng idkk
[7:20] You: so what traits do u like about the invisible man
[7:20] Harrison Hillburn: i don't necessarily like any raits
[7:20] You: i mean he isnt really a lovable guy
[7:20] Harrison Hillburn: however
[7:20] Harrison Hillburn: i think that they are interesting
[7:21] Harrison Hillburn: like how he decides to be so sneaky
[7:21] You: yah i think he is interesting but very strange
[7:21] Consiglio Hillburn: yea but theyre still criminalss
[7:21] You: true true
[7:21] Harrison Hillburn: i still don't understand why he's so open about it
[7:21] Harrison Hillburn: that's a sign of stupidity in my opinion
[7:21] You: because he now is going to a different town and they were already so suspicious about him
[7:21] Consiglio Hillburn: bc it dosent rly mastter if ppl know...hes still invisible
[7:21] Harrison Hillburn: so he decided he'd just admit it anyway
[7:21] Harrison Hillburn: ?
[7:22] Consiglio Hillburn: i guess yea i mean its not that big of a deal to him i guess
[7:22] Brain Hillburn: yea
[7:22] You: i guess so
[7:22] Harrison Hillburn: i don't really know what else to say
[7:22] Consiglio Hillburn: haha yea i know
[7:22] Harrison Hillburn: that's really all we can predict or reflect on now
[7:22] Brain Hillburn: hi
[7:22] Consiglio Hillburn: thyre ar so many things that are possible in the near or far future
[7:22] Harrison Hillburn: basically
[7:22] Ivey Zeami: How are things going?
[7:22] You: weve basically discussed all of the questions
[7:22] Harrison Hillburn: great
[7:22] Brain Hillburn: yea
[7:23] Consiglio Hillburn: yea
[7:23] Stern Hillburn: good
[7:23] Harrison Hillburn: we discussed most if not all of our questions
[7:23] You: i think we are just about done
[7:23] Ivey Zeami: Give me a recap
[7:23] You: and tonight we are reading up to 56
[7:23] Brain Hillburn: he will continue his crimes
[7:23] Consiglio Hillburn: well we talked alot about the possibilities for his future
[7:23] You: we think that he is going to keep on committin crimes
[7:23] Harrison Hillburn: we basically discussed that he was obviously some sort of criminal in the past, and we don't quite understand why he lets people know that he is invisible
[7:23] You: and we think that his science experiments will come into play sometime soon
[7:24] Harrison Hillburn: maybe because he assumed people already knew something suspicious was going on?
[7:24] Harrison Hillburn: yeah
[7:24] Consiglio Hillburn: yea like he has all these bottles of poison and stuff
[7:24] Brain Hillburn: we also think that might be how he became invisible
[7:24] You: yeah
[7:24] Harrison Hillburn: i don't think WHY he is invisible is important
[7:24] Consiglio Hillburn: yea through science expeirimentss
[7:24] You: and we think he is doing experiments to maybe make other things happen
[7:24] Harrison Hillburn: more about how he utalizes it
[7:24] Stern Hillburn: maybe one of his experiments went wrong
[7:24] Brain Hillburn: idk that is what we discussed
[7:24] Consiglio Hillburn: yea taylor
[7:25] You: but he seems to use invisibilty to his advantage
[7:25] Brain Hillburn: it is science fiction
[7:25] Harrison Hillburn: idk but I think we should concentrate more on what he's done in the past and how it's going to affect the future
[7:25] Consiglio Hillburn: yeaa
[7:25] Harrison Hillburn: because if he's going from town to town
[7:25] Consiglio Hillburn: the future is so open tho
[7:25] You: yeah
[7:25] You: he could really do anything
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: it's important to know how he's going to get away with any cime he possibly committs
[7:26] Consiglio Hillburn: like its hard to make an exact or good inference on whats gonna happen w/ him
[7:26] You: but some ppl were catching on to him in Iping
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: so we all predict that he's going to use the fact that he is invisible to his advantage?
[7:26] Brain Hillburn: nobody can stop him
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: we don't know that
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: because people know about him
[7:26] Consiglio Hillburn: yea now that hes moving....
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: they just didn't say anything or know one believes them yet
[7:26] Brain Hillburn: rightt now nobody has
[7:26] You: he was almost caught a couple of times in the first town
[7:26] Harrison Hillburn: yeah but by moving he can get away with it
[7:27] You: but evereyone is afraid of him so he can use that to his advantage
[7:27] Harrison Hillburn: and i think that's how he has been sucessful up to this point
[7:27] Brain Hillburn: prb
[7:27] Brain Hillburn: prob
[7:27] Harrison Hillburn: is there any more questions we should discuss
[7:27] You: so we are just about done now
[7:27] You: nope
[7:27] You: weve covered them all
[7:27] Brain Hillburn: good
[7:28] You: so pag 56
[7:28] Pereira Hillburn is Offline
[7:28] Harrison Hillburn: I honestly think we discussed everything and we're ready to continue reading the story
[7:28] You: going down
[7:28] You: ok?
[7:28] Harrison Hillburn: yes
[7:28] Ivey Zeami: ok
[7:28] Platform-Three whispers: Platform-Three now descending.
[7:28] Brain Hillburn: lets gp

Here is the chat for the group reading War of the Worlds:
Hoberman Hillburn: well the other cities have been invaded
[6:56] Alvencar Hillburn: left out alot in movie
[6:56] Newmeyer Hillburn: I think that tension is building between the aliens and the people
[6:56] Hoberman Hillburn: the other cities around where the main character is
[6:56] You: how i understand more of those pod things came down in different areas
[6:56] Alvencar Hillburn: alot more on science
[6:56] Alvencar Hillburn: like gravity of mars and earth
[6:56] Hoberman Hillburn: and the three characters ogivly sten and henderson died
[6:57] You: yea
[6:57] You: how i didn't understand
[6:57] Newmeyer Hillburn: The war is about to start
[6:57] Hoberman Hillburn: because it said the newspapers in the story was talking about their death
[6:57] You: ok
[6:57] Hoberman Hillburn: yeah and there was also some heat ray
[6:57] Hoberman Hillburn: that burned all objects it hit
[6:57] Alvencar Hillburn: alot of people still don't know about invasion
[6:57] Hoberman Hillburn: the aliens used it
[6:57] You: there were some parts that were unecessary
[6:58] You: like the heat ray chapter
[6:58] Newmeyer Hillburn: yeah
[6:58] Yusich Hillburn: yeah it described alot about the martians and their weapons
[6:58] Newmeyer Hillburn: It is building up tension and anger between aliens and people
[6:58] Hoberman Hillburn: and how they used them when they hit the trees and the trees got destroyed
[6:59] Hoberman Hillburn: i think now the aliens are going to really start using the weapons to kill
[6:59] Alvencar Hillburn: they were hostile from the beggining
[6:59] You: What is the writing style of the author? Consider literary elements we have discussed in the past. Do you like the author’s style of writing?
[6:59] Hoberman Hillburn: and in the next few chapters i think it will talk about the invasion of even more cities
[7:00] Hoberman Hillburn: he's very descriptive
[7:00] Yusich Hillburn: i like the writing it is telling it from frist person
[7:00] You: i thnk his witing is ok
[7:00] Alvencar Hillburn: descibes every thing in detail
[7:00] Hoberman Hillburn: he details every part of the book
[7:00] Newmeyer Hillburn: And they will start to fight face to face
[7:00] Yusich Hillburn: yeah i think there is too much detail
[7:00] You: yea he describes it
[7:01] Hoberman Hillburn: whats the next question
[7:01] You: Using plot points, decide what message the author gives the reader about friends, family, fear, survival, peer pressure, et cetera.
[7:01] Hoberman Hillburn: fear he uses the heat ray
[7:01] Hoberman Hillburn: to try to get you to understand the fear of the people in the book
[7:01] Newmeyer Hillburn: The author shows that the people will begin to really panic
[7:01] You: in survival the main character is scared
[7:02] Alvencar Hillburn: people won't take this seriously
[7:02] Yusich Hillburn: yeah he is also scared
[7:02] Hoberman Hillburn: by showing how powerful the weapons of the aliens are and what they can really do
[7:02] Newmeyer Hillburn: Until tey are affected, people won't care
[7:02] Newmeyer Hillburn: they
[7:02] Alvencar Hillburn: indeed
[7:02] Newmeyer Hillburn: indeed
[7:02] Yusich Hillburn: i agree
[7:03] Hoberman Hillburn: whats the next question
[7:03] You: Discuss what the author might be saying about relationships (could be familial, friend, love) based on the relationships between characters in the novel.
[7:03] Hoberman Hillburn: all we know is that the husband and the wife are scared
[7:03] You: the main characters wife calms him donw b/c he is so scared
[7:03] Alvencar Hillburn: he cares about his wife
[7:03] Hoberman Hillburn: it hasn't gone to much in to detail about the wife and husband together though
[7:04] You: and the three that died were kinda his friends
[7:04] Yusich Hillburn: yeah i dont think the wife will be a big part
[7:04] Hoberman Hillburn: yeah
[7:04] Hoberman Hillburn: i didn't think they would die
[7:04] Newmeyer Hillburn: yeah
[7:04] Hoberman Hillburn: especially at the smae time
[7:04] Hoberman Hillburn: same
[7:04] Newmeyer Hillburn: love could have something to do w/ it
[7:04] Yusich Hillburn: yeah i thought they would helptry and stop them
[7:04] Newmeyer Hillburn: if wife dies, husband will be mad and want to fight
[7:04] Hoberman Hillburn: who would anthony
[7:05] Hoberman Hillburn: who woyld help
[7:05] Hoberman Hillburn: would
[7:05] Alvencar Hillburn: i wonder if he will still care when he is trying to survive on his own
[7:05] Yusich Hillburn: the people that died ogliviy and the other 2
[7:05] You: i think he would
[7:05] Hoberman Hillburn: sten and henderson you mean
[7:05] Hoberman Hillburn: o ok
[7:05] Yusich Hillburn: yeah
[7:06] Hoberman Hillburn: whats next
[7:06] Newmeyer Hillburn: I think that this is like WWII inb S.S.
[7:06] Alvencar Hillburn: we will see . desperation makes you do crazy things
[7:06] Newmeyer Hillburn: If u don't stop hitler he continues to get away with what he wants
[7:06] Hoberman Hillburn: yeah but the people had no chance against the aliens
[7:06] Yusich Hillburn: yeah the aliens might be like that
[7:06] You: somebody has to stand up to them
[7:07] Newmeyer Hillburn: U have to stop the aliens before they take everything
[7:07] Hoberman Hillburn: only the army in england could possibly stop them
[7:07] Yusich Hillburn: yeah which will probably be hard
[7:07] You: and start the fighting before it gets worse
[7:07] Hoberman Hillburn: but people without training and weapons had no chance
[7:07] Alvencar Hillburn: true
[7:07] Newmeyer Hillburn: well people thought they didn't have a chance vs hitler, but we saw how that turned out
[7:07] Alvencar Hillburn: what would you do
[7:07] Newmeyer Hillburn: fight backj
[7:08] Hoberman Hillburn: hide
[7:08] You: i agree with matt
[7:08] Yusich Hillburn: do whatever i can to stop them
[7:08] Newmeyer Hillburn: what other choice is there
[7:08] You: which is what
[7:08] Hoberman Hillburn: you can't fight something that has weapons without weapons
[7:08] Yusich Hillburn: run away
[7:08] Alvencar Hillburn: i would run then form plan
[7:08] Newmeyer Hillburn: if u run or hide, they will find you
[7:08] Hoberman Hillburn: and i don't know much about them so i don't their weaknesses and strengths
[7:08] Alvencar Hillburn: they move slowly
[7:08] You: you need to fight ack
[7:08] Yusich Hillburn: yeah
[7:08] You: back*
[7:08] Hoberman Hillburn: whats next quetion
[7:08] Hoberman Hillburn: question
[7:08] You: Why do you think the author wrote this book?
[7:09] Hoberman Hillburn: to get famous
[7:09] You: n
[7:09] Alvencar Hillburn: is there a moral point
[7:09] You: no*
[7:09] Yusich Hillburn: to show what could happen in the future between our planets
[7:09] You: i doubt that will happen
[7:09] Newmeyer Hillburn: We don't know yet
[7:09] Hoberman Hillburn: we already checked mars
[7:09] Hoberman Hillburn: theres nothing up there
[7:09] Hoberman Hillburn: i doubt this could be a true story
[7:09] Alvencar Hillburn: who knows
[7:09] You: maybe he thought that would happen
[7:09] Yusich Hillburn: yeah nobody really knows
[7:10] Hoberman Hillburn: thats possible because it was written a very long time ago
[7:10] You: and he was writing based on what he was thinking
[7:10] Yusich Hillburn: yeah maybe it was aroud the time when people first started going to space
[7:10] Newmeyer Hillburn: no
[7:10] Newmeyer Hillburn: It is made up
[7:10] Hoberman Hillburn: no
[7:10] Alvencar Hillburn: it is
[7:11] Hoberman Hillburn: it was made well before then
[7:11] Yusich Hillburn: it is but it could happen in th efuture
[7:11] Hoberman Hillburn: it was published in the 1980's
[7:11] Hoberman Hillburn: but made in 40's or 50's
[7:11] Newmeyer Hillburn: no
[7:11] Hoberman Hillburn: ill check
[7:11] Newmeyer Hillburn: It is fantasy
[7:11] Alvencar Hillburn: it may happen in future though
[7:11] Alvencar Hillburn: we are not sure
[7:11] Yusich Hillburn: i thought it was science fiction
[7:11] Alvencar Hillburn: so
[7:11] Hoberman Hillburn: he wrote it by 1901
[7:12] Hoberman Hillburn: about 1901
[7:12] Newmeyer Hillburn: Unless people find not only signs of life on mars, but living creatures, it is impossible
[7:12] Hoberman Hillburn: thats what the book says in his life biography thing inthe begining of the book
[7:12] You: back on topic...we haave to sasy WHY he wrote it not WHEN
[7:12] You: have*
[7:12] Hoberman Hillburn: o yeah
[7:12] You: say*
[7:12] Hoberman Hillburn: i said it was just his thinking or to get famous
[7:12] Yusich Hillburn: he probably wrote it to just show what he was thinking
[7:12] Alvencar Hillburn: I think it has a moral point
[7:12] You: i don't think so
[7:12] Hoberman Hillburn: maybe to show people what his opinions are about the future
[7:13] You: i agree with sujay
[7:13] Hoberman Hillburn: or if that happened, what would occur
[7:13] Newmeyer Hillburn: It was just a thought he had
[7:13] You: yea
[7:13] Alvencar Hillburn: To show that we should be ever vigilant
[7:13] Newmeyer Hillburn: love the vocab suj
[7:13] Alvencar Hillburn: thanks dog
[7:13] Yusich Hillburn: lol
[7:14] Newmeyer Hillburn: no prob homie
[7:14] Hoberman Hillburn: ok back to the book
[7:14] Yusich Hillburn: gunit
[7:14] Alvencar Hillburn: nice
[7:14] Newmeyer Hillburn: fidy cent
[7:14] Alvencar Hillburn: enough
[7:14] Hoberman Hillburn: yo come on back to the book
[7:14] Alvencar Hillburn: sry
[7:15] Hoberman Hillburn: whats the next questin
[7:15] Yusich Hillburn: yeah sry sujy told me to say it
[7:15] Alvencar Hillburn: no
[7:15] You: there are no more
[7:15] Yusich Hillburn: ok
[7:15] Hoberman Hillburn: really
[7:15] You: lets come back to some of the questions
[7:15] Hoberman Hillburn: ok
[7:15] Yusich Hillburn: ok
[7:16] You: how about this one
[7:16] You: What is the writing style of the author? Consider literary elements we have discussed in the past. Do you like the author’s style of writing?
[7:16] Kenny Hillburn is Offline
[7:16] MargoF Hillburn is Offline
[7:16] Hoberman Hillburn: oh i said he was very detailed
[7:16] Yusich Hillburn: i like the writing it gets confusing sometimes
[7:16] You: other than that
[7:16] Alvencar Hillburn: he writes as if it already happened
[7:16] Newmeyer Hillburn: excruciating detail
[7:16] Hoberman Hillburn: he makes sure you understand exactly his thoughts
[7:16] Alvencar Hillburn: past tense
[7:17] Hoberman Hillburn: he talks about every small point for longer than it has to be sometimes
[7:17] Newmeyer Hillburn: he tells the story so that you feel like your there
[7:17] You: what makes me confused are some of the words and how he puts unecessary things in there
[7:17] Kenny Hillburn is Online
[7:17] Hoberman Hillburn: he just wants you to picture in your mind exactly what he is thinking
[7:17] Yusich Hillburn: yeah i think he does that just to get his point across
[7:17] Alvencar Hillburn: It makes the story really slow
[7:17] You: yea
[7:17] Hoberman Hillburn: yeah he just does that to make sure you understand the images
[7:17] Alvencar Hillburn: but it is k
[7:18] Alvencar Hillburn: okay
[7:18] Hoberman Hillburn: whats another question
[7:18] You: Using plot points, decide what message the author gives the reader about friends, family, fear, survival, peer pressure, et cetera.
[7:18] Yusich Hillburn: yeah
[7:18] Alvencar Hillburn: the begging says a little on evolution
[7:19] You: he is afraid to die and starts worrying a little
[7:19] Hoberman Hillburn: o i said before the fear element he tries to bring to you is that he uses lot's of detail about the images to make you feel the fear of the characters
[7:19] Hoberman Hillburn: thats why he puts so much detail in
[7:19] MargoF Hillburn is Online
[7:19] Alvencar Hillburn: Martians evolved due to harsh envirnment
[7:19] Yusich Hillburn: yeah he will probably want to fight after a while
[7:19] Hoberman Hillburn: just to make you feel the way the characters in the book are feeling
[7:20] Alvencar Hillburn: i don't think he fight much
[7:20] Yusich Hillburn: he might is he panics
[7:20] Newmeyer Hillburn: he is bulding up to the point when the main character decides it is time to fight
[7:20] Alvencar Hillburn: it expresses panic not heroism
[7:20] Hoberman Hillburn: yeah because nobody is trying to be a hero and stop the martians
[7:20] You: yeah he starts to knda panick
[7:21] Alvencar Hillburn: everyone doed
[7:21] Alvencar Hillburn: does
[7:21] Newmeyer Hillburn: once loved one's die, it will fuel their anger and lead to the fight
[7:21] Yusich Hillburn: yeah which will elad to war
[7:21] Alvencar Hillburn: this isn't a heroic story
[7:21] Hoberman Hillburn: but there is nothing the people can do until they figure out more about the aliens
[7:21] Alvencar Hillburn: It is about survival
[7:22] Hoberman Hillburn: so is that it
[7:22] Yusich Hillburn: im guessing so
[7:23] Hoberman Hillburn: ok whoever the leader is copy the stuff and drop it into miss ivey
[7:23] You: i'll do that
[7:23] Hoberman Hillburn: ok
[7:23] Yusich Hillburn: ok so what are we reading up to tonight?
[7:23] You: i think we should read to chapter11


ipenda keynes said...

They're terrific, but out of curiosity, how much time elapsed during these conversations?

MaggieMarat said...

Hey Ipenda! Glad to hear from you - These classes are about 50 minutes long - and at this point in the project the kids just comein/login/begin...We occasionally had delays when a group was waiting for a member before they could activate the pod to ascend, but now we just have the latecomer request a tp --Live and learn!