Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ISTE Skypark Presentation

Thanks to all who showed up and participated tonight at my ISTE Skypark presentation on Ramapo Islands. It was very validating to hear your questions and your comments, and I hope you will continiue to participate inteh process through this blog! Anyone who grabbed snapshots, I would greatly appreciate you dropping them to Maggie Marat in world so that I amy post a few here. I believe the chat transcript will e available soon to and i will be certain to link to it ASAP.
Please remember - we are the pioneers - truly! How many people get to say that in their lifetime, they made a difference - they changed the status quo - they positively influenced something as powerful as pedagogy - they touched the future?

We can.

Thanks to Tom Murphy for snapshots!


brtom said...

Hi ... thanks much for your presentation ... it was the beginning of some kind of process for me ... I don't know how to send my pix to you "in world" ... but you can find them at my blog ... http://brtom.typepad.com/two/2007/04/a_first.html ... feel free to copy and use them as you wish ...

Best wishes for the continued good work you are doing!

Tom Murphy

JessieMarie Flanagan - SL said...

That was an incredible experience listening to your presentation. I was a bit late but I saw enough to know that I want to be a part of what you do.

Thanks for sharing!!

KJ Hax said...


Your presentation eloquently communicated the power, scope, relevance and beauty of your work. The incredible variety of lessons, the creativity (and capability) of your students, the amazing island build (donated completely by talented volunteers) is a testament to your vision.

Most importantly, your ability to enthusiastically SHARE that vision with your administrators, fellow staff, all of us, and the world at large is what will transform this project from something cool at a middle school in New York into something with the potential to change the world.

How cool is THAT?!?!?!?


Know Clue said...

I've been thinking all day about what you are doing with your students. I have had many interesting discussions with colleagues about it. SL is hard to describe, I think one has to experience it to understand. I have only been on SL for one week and, so far, have found it to be absolutely fascinating. I cannot help but imagine the possibilities with students.

Thanks for sharing your journey. I will absolutely stay tuned!