Monday, April 09, 2007

More dialogue on the latest project...

Briefly - as promised I am giving you the "blow by blow" development of this literature project. Teresa Ivey, the classroom teacher for this projectm emailed me and said:

"See you in the morning! I'll start my kids in my room and we'll head down.(to the library where the computer lab is located) I want to partner them up with kids who are already familiar with 2nd Life."

I responded: "May I make a suggestion? When you say “partner” your kids – please make sure that it is “in world” (on Ramapo Islands) where the partnering happens. In other words, you can tell Mary that she will be partnered with John – but have them “meet” and cooperate in Second Life rather than physically, in the library -. What I am trying to encourage is that they negotiate the orientation virtually – as if they were all in different physical locations. Anything else would be contrary to what we are trying to accomplish."

We have two considerations here. One is that time is always a scarce commodity and Teresa is more than likely trying to expedite the orientation process in a way that is tried and true - pairing an experienced student with a "newbie". But the other factor to consider is that one of the underlying fundamental aspects of education in Second Life is the virtual cooperation, networking and communication.

More later...blow by blow!

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ipenda keynes said...

I think it's cool that students who may be literally right across the lab from each-other could meet as perfect strangers in-world.
I agree with you that the overall experience must not be tarnished just because there are now some "experienced" students out there already.