Monday, April 23, 2007

Ms. Ivey Goes to Washington...

...Actually - the entire 8th grade class from Suffern Middle School went to Washington D.C. for a four day field trip and their assignment when they returned (after one bus breaking down on the way home) was to discuss the trip. Although this is not "continuity" within the project, WHAT A WONDERFUL VEHICLE FOR REFLECTION!!!! Here is the assignment she posted on the calendar on Ramapo Islands:

1. Today you will chat in world for about 30 minutes and then use the rest of class time to read silently. Please remember that there should be commumication totally in world!
2. Please find a pod at which to sit with your group. Keep this note card open so you have something to refer to while chatting.
3. Today you are going to use your time in SL to talk about the DC trip. This is not a place for gossip, however. Here are a few things you can chat about:

What was the best part of the trip? What did you like the least about the trip? What is something you wish we had done, but didn't do? Overall, how was your experience? What was is like to be away with your classmates for three days? What things do you think they should add to the trip in the future? What things do you think they should take away? Where was the best place we ate? How much "garbage" do you think you consumed while on the bus? (My bus had homemade brownies on day one!!!) What types of things did your chaperones do on the bus? Did you play any games, watch any memorable movies, etc?

If you stayed back at the Maryland House for six hours, talk about that experience. If you were one of the many who were able to get home earlier, talk about it (how it felt, what you were wondering about those left behind, etc.)

Feel free to talk about anything else that comes up. Just remember to keep it gossip free and to send me your dialogue before you log off. Don't forget to descend the pods before logging off!
4. If you did not go on the trip, this is a good opportunity to hear about it and ask any questions you may have. Also, feel free to talk about what you did back here at SMS. Tell the group about your trip to Hyde Park (if you went) and what the school was like with only 60 eighth graders.

I will post the some samples of the kids' responses as soon as Teresa transfers them to me!

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