Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ivey's Class (with a sub!)

Teresa is out today with oral surgery issues - and her kids are in SL - and she is in SL. Get it? Here again is the beauty of the virtual platform! The following assignment was posted today:
1. The following questions should take you at least 30 minutes to discuss in your pods. If you complete them before that time, you should go back to the other postings on the calendar and discuss things such as the characters, theme, and how the setting effects the plot.

2. You should be at the point in your novels where the central conflict has been revealed. Please discuss the events that lead up the central conflict. Think way back to the start of your book and what decisions/actions the character made to to create problems. Think cause and effect!

3. Discuss other options that your character could have taken to avoid further conflict. Think about other characters in the novel who also played a part in the main character's decisions/actions. What are the relationship conflicts in the novel and how did they contribute to the central conflict?

4. What do you think the author is trying to teach his/her readers by presenting the conflict? What can you learn about like and decision making through the main character and the conflict presented?

5. After you discuss the above questions, please send your note card to me and descend your pod. Then you may log off and head to the blue chairs (if they are available) and continue reading silently.

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