Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WHOOT! Day 2!

Posters of the book selection were posted in the library and contained notecards with a quick booktalk.
Here is Day 2's assignment that was posted in a notecard on the calendar:
Today you will navigate to the SMS Library in Ramapo and in the upstairs room of the library ther are 6 posters on the wall. Click on each one and read the booktalk. After you have read ALL of them, you can open a browser while you have SL open, and research further before making your book choice. Remember you will be reading in groups so today IM and chat with other avatars about the books and your choices. Once you have made a decision, send Ivey Ziami an IM with your top 2 choices. She will let you know which group you are in.

After you have received your book group, you will need to pick up a copy of your novel!

Then, go back to the library display of your book and answer the journal question at the bottom of the notecard. You will need to create a notecard in order to do this. Here are the steps to creating a notecard:
1. go to inventory, on top toolbar select create / new note/ and your note will appear.
Write the response to the journal question on the note in the same manner that you would in class. While writing, feel free to share about the topic with the other group members. Be sure to include YOUR AVATAR NAME ON THE NOTE.
Next, close the note and it will be in your inventory. Find it in your inventory and right click on it to rename it ! Rename it with your avatar name and the book title.
To give it to Ivey Ziami, go to search, type in Ivey Ziami, and when her profile comes up, drag your notecard into the slot towards the bottom of the profile that says "drop inventory items here"

The remainder of the period you will devote to your journal question:
What is the difference between the genres of science fiction vs. fantasy?

Interesting note: Ivey Ziami's avatar is Darth Vadar! *winks*
Here are some sample journal responses:

Period 3:

Araujo Hillburn April 10, 2007

The difference between fantasy and science fiction is that fantasy is completely fake. There is no real information in the book and all of the characters are fake. For example, a fictional animal is an unicorn because unicorns are not real. In science fiction the story is fake but it is based on true facts. An example of science fiction is Star Wars because the story is fake and not true but the facs in it are true. There is a fine line inbetween fantasy and science fiction and it is the facts and how much the story can be true.

Pirc Hillburn: The difference between science fiction and fantasy is that science fiction usually takes place in the future. Also it tends to have a lot of high tech guns and ideas in it. Science fiction books also can take place and all different planets and in space. Fantasy on the other hand is more about magic and usually takes place a long long time ago. Usually fantasy takes place in the time where swords and bows and arrows were used. Science fiction is a futuristic story that isn't real while fantasy is more about magic. An example of science fiction would be Star Wars while fantasy is more like Lord of the Rings.

Proscia Hillburn: Science fiction and fantasy are two major genres in the realm of fiction. The two are similar in them both being fictional. However they are two very different kinds of stories. Science fiction usually stays within the bounds of reality. Sci-fi stories usually take place in the future or a moment of great technological advancement. In sci-fi stories many stranger things happen but they can might still be possible in real life. Fantasy stories however take place in the world of the author's imagination. In a fantasy novel anything is possible and they usually happen. Fantasy usually takes place in the past filled with magic powers and evil beasts. Fantasy novels are not bound to realities laws except in the most basic ways. Sci- fi and fantasy are two complete opposites but are also the same in some form or way. Though both still are completely different.

Taylor Hillburn: The difference between science fiction and fantasy is the reality involved in each situation. For instance, in fantasy, the story usually takes place in an unusual or fictional environment. It may involve unknown creautures or events that do not normaly take place. However, although science fiction is not necessarily true, it contains factual information. Unlike fantasy, the story will usually be somewhat realistic and descriptive. It can be about potential events that may take place in the future, but haven't occured yet. Overall, the major difference is that fantasy is that one is more believable than the other.

Period 7

McInerney Hillburn

Science Fiction and Fantasy are completely different. There are three main differences; the setting, the objects used, and the characters. In science fiction books, the setting is usually reached through a new kind of technology. It's a portal, time machine, etc. In fantasy novels, it's a made up town, planet, unniverse, or even dimension.
The characters in a science fiction novel are humans and aliens. The conflict is always between them, or there is an evil alien that causes the problems. Fantasy novels contain magicians, mystic warriors, dragons, etc. The characters use wands or something of that sort, compared to lasers or beam swords that are used in science fiction novels. Fantasy novels are made up, while some science fiction novels are based on future societies.

Joo Hillburn:
Sci Fi is different from fantasy because it is in the future or includes things that could of happened through scientific means. Fantasy includes magic and or magical creatures.
Sci Fi often has a setting in the future because it has inventions or technology that hasnt been created. This tech. usually seems magical or fantastical because it is made up technology. The nautilis of jules verne was probably outlandish at the time but is real now.
Fantasy explains these far out ideas with magic. IT just happens.

Clifford Hillburn:
The differences between science fiction and fantasy are as such. Science fiction is a prediction of the future, a fantastical yet plausible view of things to come. While fantasy, is pure imagination, a set up of mythical standards which is only seen in the realms of lore. The fact of the matter is that science fiction is a pathway to the world of tommorow which we set aside as ledgend until it comes true. An example would be space travel, an activity seen only in the world of ficton until man designed a way to achieve it. im many ways science fiction is te blueprint for the great creators of generations to come.